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  • Where "WOW" is an
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  • Where "WOW" is an
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  • Where "WOW" is an
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Since 1993, Advantage Services® has specialized in exclusive products and services within the global leisure industry. With a primary focus on quality and value, Advantage Services has become widely recognized as a pioneer, an innovator and a reliable partner for millions of customers throughout the world.

Advantage Services specializes in three core competencies:

icon Technology
Our partners benefit from award-winning, sophisticated and proprietary technologies that enhance their value, enhance their customer satisfaction, enhance their efficiency and improve their bottom line. Advantage Services provides customized platforms for partners large and small, including loyalty programs, membership systems, employee benefit programs, points systems, rewards programs, Internet reservation systems, administration systems, gift card programs, voucher systems, and much more.
icon Travel Aggregation
As a travel aggregator, Advantage Services provides its partners with a world-class selection of services. Often referred to as the one-stop-source for every travel need, Advantage Services provides more leisure benefits than any other single company. With Advantage Services, large travel organizations become more efficient, small travel companies become global, and non-travel organizations begin leveraging the global popularity of leisure activity to improve their businesses.
icon Private-Client Services
Through private-client relationships, Advantage Services delivers unique and valuable services not available through the general public, or through any other company. Whether a consumer wholesale-direct privilege, an exclusive membership program, a loyalty system, or even exclusive vacation ownership benefits, Advantage Services has pioneered it and delivers it like no other company can.
Advantage Services® is an award-winning business, since 1993, that specializes in helping other businesses to create more brand loyalty and better monetize their customers for life. Advantage Services creates various white-labeled customer loyalty programs and benefit programs for many businesses from small organizations to Fortune 100 companies. Advantage Services leverages their award-winning core competencies to assist their partners, which includes a $30Million infrastructure supporting Software Development, Travel Aggregation, and Private-Client Loyalty Systems. From gift cards to ground-up benefits platforms, Advantage Services is recognized as an industry leader, receiving numerous awards year-over-year, including…

We measure our success by the value of each transaction. We define “value” by the attainment of our partner’s desired outcome and the measurable value to an end user.

Advantage Services is proud to be the driving force behind the leisure industry’s most sophisticated offerings. Whether white-labeled or otherwise branded, our B2B, B2B2C, B2C and e-commerce products and services are consistently monetized by the most refined clients in the world.

Take advantage of our vast and powerful infrastructure to achieve more for your business. With over 120 trademarks, patents and copyrights, and services in seven languages, chances are we can help. Some of the most respected companies in the world partner with Advantage Services, including major airlines, major travel providers, country clubs, employee benefit providers, transportation companies, vacation ownership properties, professional sports franchises and many more!

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